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FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY – “Give a Little Thanks” (Part Eight) – by Shannon Muir

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Debra quietly made her way to the fire escape landing on one of the older buildings in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo with a shop on the ground floor. The fire escape placement conveniently was next to the bedroom of her friend Nate Tsushihashi, currently winding down physical therapy after being attacked at a concert. With Debra as the intended target, she still felt very guilty that her longtime friend Nate came to harm.

“Psst, Nate,” she whispered, trying to get his attention in bed. He lay with his back away from the open window. “It’s me, Debra.”

He stirred and turned over. She saw a weak smile on his face.

“Hello, Debra. I am glad to see you. I miss you and the band and our friends.”

“And all of us miss you too. You said last time I talked to you that you thought you’d be coming back soon.”

The smile on Nate’s face became even bigger.

“I have been cleared to return to school next week. Fortunately, John has been able to bring my homework to me so that I may keep up.”

Debra sighed sadly.

“I just wish you could join us for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, but I know your parents won’t let you. We’ve got me and John and Lucy, and Cyrus and some friend he’s bringing along, but John made a reservation for six at Vince’s family’s restaurant. We need one more.”

“What about Krystal?” Nate suggested. “She’s part of the band too.”

“Krystal? I’m sure she and her family got on their private jet and flew off somewhere for the long break. She can have anything she wants.”

“How do you know without asking?” he pointed out.

Just then, they heard Nate’s door start to open.

“I’ll ask, I promise. Got to go,” Debra whispered as she flew away before Nate’s parents could catch her as an unwelcome visitor.

Debra wasn’t as sure of where Krystal lived; she’d never been in that neighborhood before. She’d only seen Krystal at school. So, she couldn’t just fly and invite her, but she did know her phone number.

She returned to an empty house, her mother Annie having gone out to party again as usual. Debra called Krystal’s direct number, as she had her own phone line at the house.

“Hey Krystal, it’s Debra. Admit I’m kind of surprised to find you at home. Thought you might be out of town.”

“Well, I was supposed to be,” Krystal admitted. “We were going to go spend some time at our cabin in Big Bear, but with all the stormy weather this season they decided against that at the last minute. So, I guess we’ll just be at home.”

Debra shared John’s plan with Krystal.

“Absolutely! I’d love to come! My parents aren’t having dinner here until seven or so anyway. I could hang with you and then come back later. If that’s ok.”

“I’ll be sure to let John know! That’ll be great!”

Debra hung up from talking to Krystal, and called John back to let him know the party of six was set. She felt confident tomorrow would be a great day.

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