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FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY – “Give a Little Thanks” (Part Six) – by Shannon Muir

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“And now she thinks she can put words in my mouth!” Lucy said as she put a hand on her hip.

“No! It’s not like that at all! I just saw it as a potential issue.”

“Do you want to come, Lucy?” John asked.

Lucy looked back over her shoulder a minute at the apartment, then back at Debra and John.

“Truthfully, it’s better than staying here. Yes, I will meet you there. Have you made reservations yet?”

Debra looked over at John.

“I hadn’t even thought about reservations,” John said.

“Vito’s only does reservations on Thanksgiving and has a set menu,” Lucy pointed out.

She waved them inside.

“Fortunately I know the number by heart. I’ll dial and you can make the reservations. Vince’s grandparents are great people, but I’m just not ready to get stuck in a phone conversation with them right now.”

Lucy picked up the receiver and handed it to John, as Debra watched. Lucy dialed the number.

“Hello,” Debra heard John’s end of the conversation. “I’d like to make a reservation for Thanksgiving dinner. Any time you have available is fine.”

Debra noticed John’s face change to one of serious contemplation, which usually wasn’t a good expression to see on his face.

“You only take reservations for parties of six or more? And you’ve only got openings at three p.m.? OK then, put us down for a party of six at three tomorrow. My name is John Graham.”

Another pause.

“Yes, Vince’s friend John. Good to talk to you to. And yes, we will see you there tomorrow.”

John hung up the phone.

“Now wait!” Debra insisted. “Why did you lie? There’s only three of us, not six.”

“Well, then,” John said. “That means we have to come up with a party of six by three p.m. tomorrow. Remember what your Grandma Elsie said about people needing to be together this time of year?”

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