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ISSUE #4 “Now Reappearing” Has Reappeared!

The wait is over!

ISSUE 4, “Now Reappearing,” is now available to be read. If you’ve read it before, take a fresh look as the issue has not only been re-lettered, but expanded by two pages to be a 24 page issue (the original release was only 22 pages). The pages that are now available on the web were originally created when we pondered making a print compilation of issues 1 through 4 (skipping THE GIFT,  which hadn’t been made yet and which we at that time visualized as a standalone Graphic Novel).

The bookend effect of the Page One panels were to provide a transitional feel to let readers know about the passage of time; THE GIFT’s story line actually takes place between these two panels.

As this would have been the last issue of the original envisioned collection, we also didn’t want to leave readers hanging and to give them a taste for more. We did this by showing a glimpse into Debra’s future, that left a few questions waiting to be answered. After much discussion, we included it in this restored version. Also, after much discussion, we will be using this convention in other issues going forward as well. We’ve had a forward looking timeline for years, and given the length in real time it’s taken to tell the story of FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY, believe it may serve us well to transition closer to our present day during the main timeline of the tale.

Issues 1 through 3 are still in the process of being restored and will take a little longer, and we also will finish up THE GIFT for you. However, please know the story is far from over and we look forward to continuing the story of FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY soon. Meanwhile, read the complete “Expanding View” mini-arc of Issues 4 through 6 now!

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