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Hi all, it’s been a crazy 2020 for us so far, as we are sure it has been for a lot of you.

We want to let you know that the revised Issue 2 is almost done. Besides adding the pages, we discovered one art file for Issue 2 disappeared entirely other than the original colored final file.

Kevin had to take time to completely re-create the page, in addition to fixing the lettering for the whole issue. Look for it to come your way soon. Again, sorry for the wait.

Also, we know that issues 14 to 17 are still missing. Given the size of issue 14, we struggled for a while to figure out how to resolve it since it is too big for a single PDF, and then all of what is going on hit. We’ve decided to split it into two parts. Hopefully we can get those items up soon for those of you who haven’t caught up with the storyline to date.

That will mean we still owe you a revised Issue 3, and to complete THE GIFT, both of which we are striving to do by the end of 2020. Looking at the complexities faced with issue 14, we may also need to consider releasing THE GIFT in two parts. If we do, we’ll release the first half since that was previously out in the old format.

In addition, we’re planning on a special short added piece for you. As our long running fans know, even though the main story unfolds in a certain point in time, we have had no problems flashing forward to the future to show you our characters’ lives as they transpire in current events. We looked at our master timeline and there is an event sitting squarely in June 2020 that it meant total sense to bring a number of plots together around. We hope it will say a lot about our characters and their long-term growth, and the complexities of existence.

In the meantime, please stay safe… Kevin and Shannon

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