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After taking a several month hiatus, Kevin Paul Shaw Broden and Shannon Muir have returned to present part two of the online graphic novel, “The Gift”. This 52 page issue, set in the midst of the band’s first holiday season, will reach it’s poignant climax during the later part of 2016 and into early 2017.

“Not only did we just need a break as creators to rest and recharge,” explains co-creator and writer Muir, “but for Kevin, this is equivalent to putting out about two of our regular 24 page online issues so it was good for him to step back a bit. He spent a couple months exploring other art styles and doing artistic research, which I believe allows him to come back to the Flying Glory universe with a fresh eye.”

For his thoughts, Broden shares, “I hated taking such a long break from our story, but now I am ready to return to our band of heroes.”

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